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[Translate to Englisch:] GAZi Vegan Kategorie Tofu

GAZİ Tofu –
our vegan allrounder!

We offer an incredibly delicious range of Tofu, from natural to basil to grilled and smoked, made from organic soy beans grown in Italy. Guaranteed to add the spice of variety to your table.

Can’t decide? Then go ahead, swipe and click through our delicious Tofu varieties!

GAZi Vegan Faultier GAZi Vegan Faultier

Discover our delicious organic soy beans in:

Crunchy-crispy grilled flavour!

GAZİ Grilled Tempeh – this crispy, crunchy delight has a subtle and aromatic grilled taste: this is the perfect way to try our deliciously light, organic soy beans – it’s incredibly crispy and incredibly delicious!

Get crunching

GAZi Vegan Tempeh
GAZi Vegan Tempeh
GAZi Vegan Tempeh

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside!

Our Tofu Omelette - great for spending koalaty time together. Organic, 100% plant-based and with no added sugar. Perfect as a tasty, crunchy treat.

Just spending some koalaty time with this Omelette

GAZi Vegan Tofu-Omelett
GAZi Vegan Tofu-Omelett
GAZi Vegan Tofu-Omelett

Tasty and creative vegan recipes, with GAZİ!

What do I want to cook today?

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