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[Translate to Englisch:] GAZi Vegan Tofu-Omelett Kategorie

GAZİ Tofu-Omelett –
Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside!

Our tofu omelette - great for spending koalaty time together. Organic, 100% plant-based and with no added sugar. Perfect as a tasty, crunchy treat.

Koality Time! Koality Time!

Discover our delicious organic soy beans in:

Simply tofu-tastic!

Uncooked, grilled or fried – however they are prepared, our Tofu products make tofu-lover’s hearts beat faster. And the best thing is: our Tofu is made in Italy using traditional methods and the finest organic Italian soy beans! Try it out today!

It’s tofu-tastic!

GAZi Vegan Tofu
GAZi Vegan Tofu
GAZi Vegan Tofu

Crunchy-crispy grilled flavour!

GAZİ Grilled Tempeh – this crispy, crunchy delight has a subtle and aromatic grilled taste: this is the perfect way to try our deliciously light, organic soy beans – it’s incredibly crispy and incredibly delicious!

Get crunching

GAZi Vegan Tempeh
GAZi Vegan Tempeh
GAZi Vegan Tempeh

Tasty and creative vegan recipes, with GAZİ!

What do I want to cook today?

Food-inspo all night long


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