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Our customers deal with a lot of questions which we have compiled and answered in an overview. The satisfaction of our customers is our primary concern and trust is a principle of our philosophy. As is known maximal enjoyment is not just a question of taste but an expression of the highest quality. We will gladly answer your questions furthermore personally or you can just have a look at the overview of questions and answers below.

Are GAZİ products halal-certified?

GAZİ products meet the requirements which are put on halal products. For over 35 years cheese and other dairy products have already been manufactured under the brand GAZİ for the Islamic population in Western Europe as well as for the Islamic countries. GAZİ products have been certified by an approved institute in accordance with the recent halal guidelines (MS 1500:2004) since 2006. Thereby it is certified that GAZİ products are in tune with the Islamic principles. This kind of certification has just been possible for few years. Halal Control e.K. (registered sole trade) has been the only accredited and specialized company for quality orientated halal certification to Islamic norms in Germany yet. Therefore GAZİ products as well as manufacturing process in production facilities of Halal Control e.K. (registered sole trade) are classed as reliable and safe in terms of the Islamic laws. ‘With this international third party certification we want to show all our customers what we have considered our duty since the existence of the company - providing security for the consumers of GAZİ products that our GAZİ products are in tune with the Islamic guidelines.’ The certification takes place periodically and is repeatedly renewed.

Which approved quality standards do additionally exist?

In addition to the international approved quality standards IFS and BRC, which guarantee the consistent quality of all products, GAZİ products also meet the HACCP guidelines. As we distribute cheese in our product range in accordance with the eco-guidelines we have also been certified in here since 2007.

The basis of HACCP is hygiene – ‘The art of health’ is exactly defined in the current EU food hygiene regulations and includes a targeted hygiene process which concerns every employee (personal hygiene) and the whole establishment (industrial hygiene). In accordance with the regulation 852/2004 EC every establishment, which processes, produces, packs, stores, carries, trades food or offers it for sale, is committed to take appropriate measures and controls which are necessary to guarantee a safe and fit for consumption food. Likewise our company has been successfully audited in accordance with the latest guidelines of HACCP since April 2008. In this regard, our company counts as model plant in Baden Württemberg.

What do quality standards personally mean for us?

Quality creates confidence – confidence is the prerequisite for customer loyalty. Diligent selection of best raw materials is the highest precept in the production of our dairy products. We purchase our raw materials from selected farmers. High demands on hygiene in our production facilities in the whole of Europe and decades of experience guarantee the uncompromising top quality of garmo products.

‘Highest quality – for consummate consumption, this is what garmo stands for’!

What is meant by fat i.d.m.?

Fat i.d.m. is the abbreviation for ‘fat in dry matter’. The percentage fat content constantly changes as water evaporates in the course of cheese maturing and storage and consequently cheese becomes lighter. Hence the fat content is not referred to the absolute value but to the dry matter, i.e. to a piece of cheese of the corresponding type without any water content. The weight of the cheese dry matter does not change regardless of how much water evaporates. A simplified calculation says: half of fat i.d.m. is fat absolute. e.g.: 40% fat i.d.m. = ± 19% fat absolute

How long is cheese edible?

The shelf life of cheese depends on the type of cheese. Is it cream cheese, soft cheese or semi-hard cheese? The harder the cheese or the higher the dry matter the longer non-perishable is the cheese in the shelf. The best-before date (BBD) can be on top, on bottom or on the side of the packaging. The BBD is the date by which food keeps its specific features under appropriate storage conditions. It is not an expiry date as the goods are tradeable and saleable after the expiry of the minimum shelf life as long as the food does not change.

What is the best way to store GAZİ products?

The right storage and cooling temperature is listed on the declaration. The temperature should be between +4°C and +8°C. The quality of the product changes negatively if the prescribed temperature is not observed.

The product should be stored as the stated temperature in the fridge after opening but should be consumed at the latest after few days to avoid an adverse effect (mould etc.).

Which GAZİ products have rennet?

Rennet is only used in the production of cheese! All GAZİ cheese varieties are produced exclusively using microbial rennet. In other words: ‘vegetable rennet without any animal ingredients’. Our Cheese is absolutely unhesitatingly consumable and consistent with the Islamic religion. Additionally it is certificated by Halal Control e.K. (registered sole trade).

Do GAZİ products contain preservatives?

Basically GAZİ products do not contain any preservatives.

Do GAZİ products contain gelatine?

All GAZİ products are produced without the addition of gelatine. Gelatine is declarable and always has to be listed on the ingredient list.

Do GAZİ products contain raw milk?

All our products are solely produced with pasteurized milk (short-term heating for 15-30 seconds at 72-75°C). All possible existing pathogens are killed in doing so. Dairy products made of raw milk always have to be marked as such.

Do GAZİ products contain gluten?

Gluten consists of the protein components gliadin and glutenin. Grain, especially wheat, contains gluten. Some people react allergic to the protein in consequence of metabolic diseases.

Do GAZİ products contain thickening agents?

Thickening agents are used for the thickening of liquids. All GAZİ products are produced without the addition of thickening agents.

What is to do when packagings are curved or swollen before opening?

This product should no longer be consumed. Empirically it can be attributed to the non-compliance of the cold chain on the way to the consumer. If the recommended temperature is not observed over a longer period during transport, at the retailer or the customer, the bacterial flora increases disproportionately with the result that the packaging can have a swell or curve. An appropriate delivery on our part to the wholesale is guaranteed. Samples are stored for 14 days at +22°C from all productions of tins and vacuum packagings to detect possible quality problems immediately. Please inform us and tell us the exact designation of the product and the best-before date as the batch number (which is on the packaging) if available so that we can compare this production batch with the retained samples in our plant to be able to ensure an impeccable quality in the context of our permanent controls.

Do GAZİ products contain animal ingredients?

For over 35 years we have also been producing for the Islamic population in Western Europe. Cheese and other dairy products are also exported to Islamic countries. We do not use any animal ingredients for the production of all our GAZİ products, and thus all our GAZİ products are unhesitatingly consumable and compatible with the Islamic religion as we are certified in accordance with ‘Halal’. Consequently GAZİ products are suitable for vegetarians.

What is milk protein intolerance?

Not every organism exploits milk protein equally well. In case of cow’s milk protein intolerance you should resort to products made of ewe’s and goat’s milk.

What is milk protein?

Protein is a vital nutrient of the body. Not only muscles are composed of proteins but all organs, bones, skin and hair. Protein is moreover an important carrier for iron and antibodies in the blood. Protein also provides the material for formation and regeneration of cells and tissue. Furthermore protein has also a transport, structure, protection and defence function. As body cells are constantly formed and regenerated they depend on the regular protein supply. A sufficient protein supply is not only vital for a growing organism but also for any age. Animal food (e.g.: milk, yoghurt, cheese) are good sources for proteins of high biological valence. Did you actually know that people can exploit animal protein such as milk protein better (namely 91%) than vegetable protein (only 50 – 75%)?

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