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GAZİ White Cheese –
everything else is yesterday’s news!

Many use the word fresh. We at GAZİ mean it. We turn 100% cow’s milk, fresh every day, into delicious soft cheese. From mild to extra creamy – here every white cheese lover’s heart beats faster.

You can’t wait? Then go ahead, swipe and click through our White Cheese varieties!

Hirtenkäse 45 bis 60 % Fett
Hirtenkäse Ezine Lezzeti & Yumuşak

Discover our tasty Soft Cheese with sheep’s or goat’s milk

Our Goat Cheese?
There’s nothing to bleat about there!

All goat or what? Of course With its subtle spicy flavours, you can really spice up your dishes. You will immediately taste and love the creamy difference with GAZİ Goat Cheese. And what about your family and guests? Guaranteed they will too!

Soooo tasty

GAZi Ziegenkäse Banner Weichkäse
GAZi Ziegenkäse Produkte

We would rather count sheep cheese than sheep!

Is your supply of sheep cheese not allowed to run out either? It just goes so well with so many dishes and belongs in every fridge. From us you will get just the right selection and inspiration for even more delicious sheep cheese dishes.

1 sheep cheese, 2 sheep cheeses ...

GAZi Klassik Schafkäse Weichkäse Verpackungen
GAZi Klassik Schafkäse Weichkäse Käse

Tasty and creative recipes with our White Cheese!


Food-inspo all night long


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