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GAZi Klassik Header Mobil
GAZi Klassik Header Mobil

GAZİ Classic –
do you love dairy products?
So do we!

Do you get excited about high-quality delicious dairy products? Then try our GAZİ Classic line and embark on a journey through our Milky Way. Here you will find our wide range of white, goat and sheep cheese and feta – not forgetting our specialities such as Kashkaval. But we wanted to go the extra mile: immerse yourself in our world of yoghurt, milk, cream and butter. For some people, these are mere basics, for us they are must-haves.

Our White Cheese
for me, my family & friends

Everybody’s darling – whether for cooking or baking: our White Cheese adds a particularly creamy touch to soooo many recipes in different sizes and variations. Love it or leave it.

Love it

GAZi Klassik Hirtenkäse Banner Kuh
GAZi Klassik Hirtenkäse Banner Verpackungen
GAZi Klassik Hirtenkäse Banner Käseschale

Our Goat Cheese?
There’s nothing to bleat about there!

All goat or what? Of course With its subtle spicy flavours, you can really spice up your dishes. You will immediately taste and love the creamy difference with GAZİ Goat Cheese. And what about your family and guests? Guaranteed they will too!

Soooo tasty

GAZi Ziegenkäse Ziege
GAZi Ziegenkäse Banner Weichkäse
GAZi Ziegenkäse Produkte

We would rather count sheep cheese than sheep!

Is your supply of sheep cheese not allowed to run out either? It just goes so well with so many dishes and belongs in every fridge. From us you will get just the right selection and inspiration for even more delicious sheep cheese dishes.

1 sheep cheese, 2 sheep cheeses …

GAZi Klassik Schafkäse Weichkäse Schaf
GAZi Klassik Schafkäse Weichkäse Verpackungen
GAZi Klassik Schafkäse Weichkäse Käse

Cheesy. Iconic. Kashkaval.

If you don’t know our Kashkaval yet, it’s high time you did: with its mild, creamy taste and full flavour, it accompanies you from breakfast through to evening or even a midnight snack. So much cheese is a must!

Say cheeeese

GAZi Kashar Banner
GAZi Kashar Verpackungen
GAZi Kashar Gewürze

Our Yoghurt –
the original!

Did you know that the original "yoğurt" comes from Turkish and was invented in Central Asia? It is still cultivated to this day in Turkey and perfected by us. A fact that you can taste!

Stick the spoon in and off you go

Joghurt Banner
GAZi Joghurt Verpackungen Becher

Ayran –
shaken, not stirred!

Our Ayran – the best you can make from yogurt, water and salt! For all who like it pure, honest and refreshing.

Shake it

GAZi Ayran Verpackungen

Milk, Cream and Butter
for the perfect finish!

Basic cooking starts right here: the best ingredients and dairy products with a taste that proves they are just as fresh as they are creamy.

Your finishing

GAZi Klassik Milch Rahm Butter Biene
GAZi Klassik Milch Rahm Butter Packagings

Specialities for real cheese gourmets!

Delicious: whether Taze Peynir Fresh Cheese, Tulum Nomad Cheese or Örgü Peyniri Cheese Braid. What! You don’t know them yet? Then choose your new favourite here and let our products become the love of your life!

I want to be a cheese gourmet

GAZi Spezialitäten Banner
GAZi Spezialitäten Verpackungen

Food-inspo all night long


Is inspiration everything to you? Then follow us on our social media channels and look forward to regular recipe creations.

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