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Dairy product lovers,
flexi-foodies, discoverers of enjoyment, quality nerds,
Food visionaries ...


About us

We offer a delightfully wide variety of original recipes. Our dairy products are made in the traditional way with milk fresh every day from our dairy farmers by highly qualified and experienced cheesemakers using traditional production methods. We also have the highest standards for our vegan products and are careful in our selection of organic raw materials. Curious to know more about us?

Who we are

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A career full of pleasure

True to our motto "Do what you love" we believe in a working environment where people can achieve fulfilment and develop their potential. You too? If you do, then say #hellogazi and become part of our team!

Do what you love

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Community Involvement

Under the motto "Children are our future", we support social projects with our GAZİ Children’s Foundation and have even launched "Football meets Culture". But it is best to read about it for yourself ...

We are socially involved

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Partner in sport

Whether in football, tennis or boxing – in sport there are many factors that are also very important for us in our business: motivation, high willingness to perform, concentration and endurance. We want to express this philosophy and have therefore been involved in professional and amateur sport for many years.

Sporting involvement

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GAZİ on Tour

GAZİ up close! With our food truck and the Ayran Mobile, we are not only out and about at public events but also occasionally like to provide a free refreshment campaign right in the city centre. Are you interested? If so, keep regularly up to date with our tour dates here directly or subscribe to our newsletter.

To the tour dates

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Sally & GAZİ

Perhaps the most famous kitchen in the whole of Europe: Sallys Welt (Sally’s world)!

The kitchen is her world. We are all the more thrilled that Sally cooks with GAZİ so often!

If you were to call her a food blogger, that would be a gross understatement. Saliha Özcan has built up her own brand world under the name Sallys Welt. The focus is on herself as a person and a good friend. She now has around 2 million subscribers on YouTube and over 500,000 more on Facebook. Over the past ten years, she has built a small cooking and baking blog up into a business with around fifty employees. Sally is perhaps the most successful blogger in Europe and of course a very good friend of the GAZİ brand.

Sally produces recipes and recipe videos exclusively for us. You can also look forward to meeting Sally in person in the new show kitchen.

So you can get excited as, together with Sally, we will create a lot of great new inspirations!

Sally und GAZİ

Do you want to cook and bake like Sally?

If so, full speed ahead to Sally’s recipes and get inspired.

Get inspired

GAZi Home Sally Get inspired
GAZi Home Sally Get inspired
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Mario Gomez & GAZİ


Dr Garcia und Mario Gomes Markenbotschafter

Food-inspo all night long


Is inspiration everything to you? Then follow us on our social media channels and look forward to regular recipe creations.

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