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GAZİ Grill and Pan Cheese –

the hottest cheese on the market

Don’t believe us? Then clearly you haven’t tried it yet! Our Grill and Pan Cheese is totally incomparable and super hot! The tangy, mild Grill and Pan Cheese made to the unique, delicious GAZİ recipe releases its aroma right on the grill or in the pan. Do you want to know what it’s like? Then get some of our cheese and try it for yourself!

The all-time heroes!

Discover our Grill and Pan Cheese varieties now: Pepper, Chili, Mediterranean Herbs, Honey BBQ, Natural – or a Best-of mix! Never has non-melting cheese made you melt so much! Choose your variety just as the fancy takes you!

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Next level herbal pleasure! Are you a real herb lover? Then we’ve got just the thing for you. Our Marinated Grill Cheese "Herb Delight"! It makes for a unique grill experience and is a real taste highlight. Let yourself be amazed!

Discover Grill Cheese with Mmmmmarinade!


Traditional & simply delicious!

One comes straight from Cyprus, the other is based on a traditional Cypriot recipe. Can’t you just feel the sea...? Unadulterated and genuine, thanks to the special and elaborate production process – our Halloumi and Hellim.

Discover the traditional style now!

Halloumi Hellim Typo Banner
Halloumi Hellim Banner
Halloumi Hellim Grill- und Pfannenkäse


Swipe through and find out which Grill and Pan Cheese you fancy!

Our classics

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The star in the food truck heaven!

Are you a GAZİ fan? Then you will be interested in this: our GAZİ food truck regularly goes on tour!

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GAZi Foodtruck Grill- und Pfannenkäse

Discover our Grill and Pan Cheese
in delicious, creative recipes!

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Why does the Grill and Pan Cheese squeak when you eat it?

We reveal the secret! The recipe for GAZİ Grill and Pan Cheese is based, from a technological perspective, on stopping the pH value or the acidification at the right moment during cheese making. This stops the protein from further maturing, something which is known as denaturation in technical jargon. This process means that the grill and pan cheese won’t melt, even at high temperatures, and it also causes the well-known slightly squeaky noises when we eat it. Both these things are a mark of authenticity of our grill and pan cheese.

When making our GAZİ Grill and Pan Cheese, we avoid using other additives which would make the cheese soft – it is a natural product. Compared to a baked Camembert or other types of cheese, you can fry, bake and grill the grill and pan cheese without it melting.

It’s an absolute culinary delight, not just on the grill, but also in the pan! When preparing the grill and pan cheese, it should be fried with a lot of heat. This gives the cheese its outer crispy crust and lovely soft inside – your taste buds will squeak with joy!

Our tip: 
Our Grill and Pan Cheese tastes best warm – straight from the pan or grill

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