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[Translate to Englisch:] GAZi Kinderstiftung Sociales Engagement

Our Community Involvement

With the "Football meets Culture" project, our GAZİ Children’s Foundation supports various schools in Stuttgart, where children are inspired to learn with football and team spirit. This project is also close to Mario Gomez’s heart.

"Everyone who can enjoy life to the full has a duty to help others."

Mario Gomez, our brand ambassador

Mario Gomez Soziales Engagment Striche
Mario Gomez Soziales Engement Statement

GAZİ Children’s Foundation – how it all started

The earthquake in Turkey in 1999 sent images of devastation around the globe. On the initiative of the owner of our business Dr. Eduardo Garcia, we responded immediately and set up a children’s foundation, to be able to provide help rapidly and unbureaucratically.

The first long-term project was the reconstruction of the completely destroyed orphanage in Karamürsel in Turkey – in the middle of the severe earthquake’s disaster zone. By doubling capacity, the new orphanage facility created a new home for some of the more than 150 children who had been orphaned by the disaster.

GAZi Kinderstiftung
GAZi Kinderstiftung Logo

You can help too!

Under the motto

"Children are our future" 

the GAZİ Foundation is actively involved in helping children in need. Together with emergency aid in crises, the focus is on long-term projects, supported by our own funds but also by donations from third parties.

Every donation to the GAZİ Foundation goes directly to the children! Even with a small amount, you can make a big difference and support us in our numerous commitments.

GAZİ Kinderstiftung e. V.
Deutsche Bank Stuttgart
IBAN DE47 6007 0070 0166 6700 00

Public Fundraising

At every opportunity, we try to get out in public and collect money for our foundation. For example, at the MercedesCup in Stuttgart. There entrants had the chance of winning one of five Weber grills at our raffle stand. The resulting proceeds came to over 1,000 euros and benefited the GAZİ Children’s Foundation!

We are happy to help those who cannot help themselves not only through our own funds but also through donations from third parties.

Soziales Engagement öffentliche Spendenaktion Striche
Soziales Engagement öffentliche Spendenaktion Mario Gomez
Soziales Engagement öffentliche Spendenaktion Foodtruck

"Football meets Culture" – awarded "Educational Idea" by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

The "Football meets Culture" project sponsored by von Dr. Eduardo Garcia, chairman of garmo AG (GAZİ), has been awarded the "Educational Idea" by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research from among 1,300 entries. Here exemplary projects were awarded prizes for their outstanding efforts to promote educational equality among children and young people. In 2010, the pilot project "Football meets Culture" was launched in the Martin Luther School in Stuttgart. In 2011, another school, the Lerchenrain School, was added. Since then, football training has taken place twice a week. The VfB Football School provides a youth coach for the Martin Luther School. And Stuttgarter Kickers do the same for the Lerchenrain School.

The training is followed by targeted language lessons conducted by specially trained teachers. The successes are enormous: thanks to the intensive support, most of the children are now participating significantly better and with better concentration – and thus more successfully in lessons. Their social behaviour has also developed positively. Above all, the children’s self-confidence and overall personality has been strengthened by the project.

Fußball trifft Kultur Bildungsidee
Fußball trifft Kultur Bildungsidee Dr Garcia
Fußball trifft Kultur Hintergrund

Recognition for "Football meets Culture"

Back in 2015, the former mayor of the state capital Stuttgart, Fritz Kuhn, presented a certificate of recognition for "Football meets Culture" at the Stuttgart City Hall. The language and integration project was recognised as part of the "Partners for Safety" prevention prize.

In Stuttgart, the football training at the Martin Luther School is held by VfB Stuttgart, at the Lerchenrain School by Stuttgarter Kickers. The project is funded at both schools by the GAZİ Children’s Foundation.

Anerkennung Bürgermeister Stuttgart
Anerkennung Bürgermeister Stuttgart

Our GAZİ Milchhäusle (dairy play house) in the Stutengarten children’s play city!

Every year since 2017, we have been pleased to be a sponsor of the Stutengarten children’s play city in Bad Cannstatt. The Stutengarten gives children the opportunity to be introduced to political, economic, social and cultural life through play.

We support the traditional play city with tasty GAZİ products. The children are delighted with GAZİ yoghurt, GAZİ grill and pan cheese and the delicious GAZİ Ayran. Here the children can also prepare yoghurt and milk shakes themselves and "sell" them. We hope that we will be able to support this campaign for many years to come.

Photographer: Sander Pitl

Kinderspielstadt Stutengarten
Kinderspielstadt Stutengarten
Kinderspielstadt Stutengarten

Player escorts at VfB Stuttgart

We make small football fans’ hearts beat faster! At the start of each seasons, we raffle off several places to be player escorts for VfB Stuttgart.

Unfortunately, Coronavirus has also affected the world of sport. As soon as it can start again, you will here it exclusively from us here. The easiest way is to subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with all the latest competitions and promotions.

To the competitions

Einlaufkinder VfB Stuttgart Verlosung
Einlaufkinder VfB Stuttgart Verlosung
Einlaufkinder VfB Stuttgart Verlosung

Youth and grassroots sport

Of course, our involvement in youth and grassroots sport should not be forgotten. The proof can be seen every weekend on the sports fields in Baden-Württemberg – the company now supports 500 amateur football clubs and hobby teams.

Find out more

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