‘All who enjoy life have an
obligation to help others.’

Mario Gomez,
GAZİ Brand Ambassador


‘All who enjoy life have an obligation to help others.’ (Mario Gomez). With the project ‘Football Meets Culture’, the GAZİ Children's Foundation supports various schools in Stuttgart where children love to learn with football and team spirit. This project is also special to Mario Gomez. 

GAZi children's foundation

The earthquake of 1999 in Turkey sent pictures of devastation around the globe. At the initiative of the company owner, Dr. Eduardo Garcia, GAZİ reacted immediately and founded a children's foundation to provide help quickly and unbureaucratically.

The first long-term project was the rebuilding of the completely destroyed orphanage in the Turkish town of Karamürsel in the middle of this major earthquake's disaster area. By doubling the former capacity, the new orphanage facilities created a new home for some of the over 150 children left orphans by the disaster.

Under the motto "Children are our future", the GAZİ foundation will also continue to engage itself for children in need. Besides immediate help in crises, the focus is on long-term projects that are supported not just with the foundation's own funds but with contributions from others as well.

You can also help!

Every donation to the Children's Foundation GAZİ is used directly. With only a small amount you could do so much and help us with this great cause.


Donation account:
GAZİ Kinderstiftung e.V.
Deutsche Bank Stuttgart
IBAN DE47 6007 0070 0166 6700 00

With the "educational concept" award winning project "Football meets Culture"

The project, sponsored by Dr. Eduardo Garcia, CEO of Garmo AG (GAZİ) "Football meets Culture" was distinguished by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research among 1300 other applicants for educational concepts. These were all projects that make an outstanding contribution towards equal opportunities in education for children and young people. The project "Football meets Culture" was launched in 2010 at the Martin-Luther-School in Stuttgart. In 2011 the Lerchenrain school was added to the initiative. Since then training sessions have been held twice a week. The VfB Stuttgart football school offers a youth team coach for the Martin Luther School as do the Stuttgarter Kickers FC for Lerchenrain school.

After the football training their is also language coaching held by a specially trained teacher. The success has been enormous. Through the specialized coaching methods, the children have shown themselves to be more concentrated and show more participation which helps their education to be more effective. The social skills have also shown great signs of development and improvement, including confidence building.

Acknowledgments for „Football meets Culture“

Aon the 19th of May 2015, Stuttgarts Mayor Fritz Kuhn presented the project „Football meets Culture“ with an achievement award. The language and integration project was recognized as part of the prevention prize "Partner for Safety".
In Stuttgart the football training at the Martin-Luther-School will be coordinated by the Bundesliga club VfB Stuttgart and at the Lerchenrain school by the Stuttgarter Kickers. The project is supported at both schools through the GAZİ Children Foundation.



Engagement in youth and popular sport

The engagement by GAZi in youth and popular support should not be forgotten. You can see proof of this every weekend on the sport fields in Baden-Württemberg - the company now supports 500 amateur football clubs and hobby teams.

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